viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

FreeBSD custom build iso available

I believe this list (and probably the forums) would be the best place
to announce one of my little projects, namely the building of custom
FreeBSD install discs (DVD sized for desktops, CD sized for servers)
with the latest release and updated packages.

I have been experimenting lately with 'make release' and ports'
building using ports-mgmt/tinderbox. I am using a dedicated system for
building the base system and packages. The purpose of this experiment
(besides the educational value of it) is to allow me to build FreeBSD
discs with custom and up to date packages. These will in turn reduce
significantly the amount of time required to install new systems (esp.
desktops which need hundred of packages).

Glen Barber, who is also frequenting this list, has once again offered
(as with the openoffice packages) lots of his webspace and bandwidth,
allowing me to host the images so others can also benefit from this
work. At this time, the first image is already uploaded and you can
obtain it from this directory:


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