viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008

10 Best Security Live CD Distros (Pen-Test, Forensics & Recovery)

Here's a great list.

FreeBSD 7.0 Build Document

"This document contains basic instructions on building a system using FreeBSD 7.0. This covers security standards, configuration options, networking configuration, etc. The information used in this example probably doesn't match your environment or hardware exactly. Verify your network, hardware and other internal system build standards before using the information contained here."

martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008

Building Your Own Desktop Notepad Application Using PHP-GTK

If you think building a desktop application such as Notepad is difficult, think again. If you use PHP-GTK, it's almost ridiculously easy. This article will show you how. By the time you're done, you'll have a full cross-platform application in about 100 lines.

X.Org 7.4 Finally Released

"It's been a hell of a time getting X.Org 7.4 out the door, but this afternoon Adam Jackson has released this long-delayed update to this X system. X.Org 7.4 is arriving after the release of X Server 1.5.1 earlier in the day. Yes, it's finally here! In this article we have information on the features that make up this release along with what it's taken to get X.Org 7.4 primed for release."


domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008

PCBSD 7.0 Review

"PCBSD is one of the first distributions that has taken a different path when it released its user friendly distribution by choosing to base itself on FreeBSD instead of Linux.

BSD is well known amongst server users and advanced users, but PCBSD decided to make it an option for its user-friendly distribution. PC-BSD 7 is based on the recently released FreeBSD 7 stable and for its desktop environment, KDE 4.1.1 was chosen. PCBSD, unlike most major linux distributions is only available in 32 bit mode giving 64 bit users something to want."


sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2008

Another successful Summer of Code

"Congratulations to the successful students and their FreeBSD Project mentors for participating in another productive Google Summer of Code. This program encourages students to contribute to an open source project over the summer break with generous funding from Google. We have had a total of over 70 successful students working on FreeBSD as part of this program from 2005 through 2008. These student projects included security research, improved installation tools, filesystems work, new utilities, and more. Many of the students have continued working on their FreeBSD projects even after the official close of the program. We have gained nearly a dozen new FreeBSD committers from previous summer of code projects already, and more are in the process of formally joining the project."


lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

Build up a powerful network analyzer ( Cacti ) on FreeBSD

Sometimes you need to use powerful analyzer to detect network traffic.
Cacti is a best choice for you.

PC BSD 7 (Fibonacci) Released

PC BSD 7 Fibonacci stable release is now available! This release marks a milestone for PC-BSD, by moving to the latest FreeBSD 7-Stable and also incorporating the KDE 4.1.1 desktop. Users will immediately notice the improved visual interface that KDE 4.1.1 offers, as well as a large improvement in hardware support and speed from the update to FreeBSD 7-Stable. PC-BSD 7 also offers a large and growing library of self-contained PBI files available for installation, and improvments for other locales on our PBI Directory website. This release also offers new methods of installation, including a DVD, USB and Internet / Network install.

sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2008

Getting Started with Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT)

"Are you ready to take a step beyond writing code in a text editor like UltraEdit, BBEdit, or TextMate? Would you like to see those PHP and JavaScript syntax errors in the editor, without transferring files to the server or opening a browser? If so, then you're ready to jump into the world of the IDE — Integrated Development Environment. I'll compare the free, open source Eclipse IDE to a few of its commercial competitors Then we'll go through the steps to install Eclipse PDT All-In-One, the Zend Debugger, JSEclipse, and Subclipse."


Port-Forwarding With rinetd On Debian Etch

"This article shows how you can do port-forwarding with rinetd on Debian Etch. rinetd allows you to forward ports from one system to another. This useful if you have moved your web sites to a new server with a different IP address. Of course, you have modified your DNS records, but it can take a few days until DNS changes become effective, and that is where rinetd comes into play. If clients still use the old DNS records, rinetd can redirect them to the new server. With rinetd, you do not have to fiddle with iptables rules."


FreeBSD: 7.1-BETA & 6.4-BETA Availables

"The FreeBSD 7.1-BETA and 6.4-BETA builds are now available on the FreeBSD FTP mirror sites. This is the first step in the release process for FreeBSD-7.1 and FreeBSD-6.4. This set of builds do not include pre-built packages. The ISOs are available from:${arch}/ISO-IMAGES/7.1/${arch}/ISO-IMAGES/6.4/

where $arch is one of alpha, amd64, i386, ia64, pc98, powerpc, or sparc64. For the Tier-2 architectures ia64 and powerpc only the 7.1-BETA builds are available. For the Tier-2 architecture alpha only the 6.4-BETA builds are available.

We encourage people to help out with the testing. Problems can be reported through Gnats or on the freebsd-stable at mailing list. At this point we expect the 6.4-RC1 builds to start in about two weeks, and the 7.1-RC1 builds a week after that."


Setup a NFS server on FreeBSD

"On a previous post I went through the needed steps to enable NFS client operations on FreeBSD 7.0 so now lets wrap up with the need steps to setup a NFS server."


The 10 unknown features about PHP

Here’s a short list of cool features that might have slipped under your radar as well.

FreeBSD: Apache + MySQL + PHP

"Setting up a LAMP server is a common task for systems administrators, and FreeBSD is one of the most reliable and stable operating systems available. You can swap out the L in LAMP with F for FreeBSD to build a fast and reliable Web server..."


5 Most Popular Firefox Web Development Extension

My primary reason of using Firefox, besides that it is a great browser, is the extensions. I’m so dependent on these extensions that I can’t even imagine developing and designing a website without it.

Here’s my Top 5 extension list.

viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008

How to run chrome on FreeBSD 7.0

"So as i promised you in my last post (actually posted from chrome!) here is how i managed to get chrome running on FreeBSD. Actually this time around it was simple… The secret key lies in the new 1.1.4 version of wine released today."

How To Upgrade FreeBSD Jail ( OS Level Virtualization )

I've FreeBSD jail configured as explained in man pages using make world options. Now I've upgrade my base FreeBSD 7.0 system to FreeBSD 7 patch level 4. How do I upgrade my Jail (FreeBSD VPS) so that everything get updated inside jail?

Simple Easy Parallel Processing in PHP

The proliferation of multicore CPUs and the inability of our learned CPU vendors to squeeze many more GHz into their designs means that often the only way to get additional performance is by writing clever parallel software.

One problem we were having is that some of our batch processing jobs were taking too long to run. In order to speed the processing, we tried to split the processing file into half, and let a separate PHP process run each job. Given that we were using a dual core server, each process would be able to run close to full speed (subject to I/O constraints).

Here is our technique for running multiple parallel jobs in PHP.

pfsense and Smoothwall

So heres my dilemna for a project I'm working on.
I need a rather broad solution covering DNS, proxying, firewalling, VPN (both site to site and LDAP integrated user access), DHCP, supporting multiple DMZ servers along with routing support. This will act as the centre point for a 40 person network. Clearly hardware wise this will have to be quite a strong system, with load balancing being a possibility, at minimum hardware failover.

For the network security class we got asked to take a look at two firewall solutions, so whilst comparing them I also tried to see how well they would fit into the above requirements.

The firewalls looked at were pfsense and Smoothwall Express 3.0.


sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008

OpenBSD 4.4 is available for Preorder!

"Pre-orders are now being accepted (also in Switzerl and) for Op enBSD 4.4, which is scheduled for release on November 1st, 2008."


jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

Quick Guide to FreeBSD hostap for FreeBSD 8

"I have a need to setup an access point. Many of the discussions on the web include all kinds of extra goodies that one normally sets up with the access point. But I just needed an access point: no dhcp, bridging, etc. Here's how I did it."

PHP 5.3.0alpha2 is released

"If you check the qa website you will see that there is a new alpha release of our next minor version PHP 5.3.0 out that is awaiting your testing (remember no whining about BC breaks if you did not test the pre-release versions)."


FreeBSD Security Advisories

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-08:07.amd64

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-08:08.nmount

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-08:09.icmp6

martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

MidnightBSD 0.2.1 Released!

"MidnightBSD 0.2.1 has been released. This version focused on adding hardware for newer devices including ATI, NVIDIA and Intel SATA controllers, and wireless support standard."


lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008

NetBSD 5.0 preview: User visible changes in NetBSD-current

"I've found a bit of spare time upgrade a NetBSD 4.0 system to NetBSD-current (4.99.69), and during the usual update procedure (boot new kernel; install=/; etcupdate) I found a number of user-visible changes over NetBSD 4.0 that I'd like to spotlight here."