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RarCrack Opens Protected Archives Without Passwords

Open and extract files from ZIP, RAR and 7Zip archives you've forgotten the password to, or never found at the download location, with RarCrack, a free Linux/BSD command line utility.


Five Best DVD Ripping Tools

Whether you want to watch a movie on your iPod or back up your too-easily-scratched DVDs, DVD ripping is a mysterious realm for many. Even those in-the-know find it difficult to keep up with the best tools for the job, especially in the face of increased copy protection. On Tuesday we asked you to share your favorite DVD ripping tools; today we've sifted through hundreds of comments to bring you the five most popular answers. Hit the jump for a closer look at five of the best and most popular DVD ripping tools, then cast your vote to determine the best ripper of the bunch.


How to split .avi files in Windows, OS X or Linux

Using BananaSplitter you can split .avi files (divx or xvid) in Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista), Linux/BSD/UNIX or OS X. BananaSplitter works across all these platforms because it’s written in Java, so you will need to have Java installed.


RAID, FreeBSD and FreeNAS

Recently I set up FreeNAS on a spare computer which is now serving as a RAID file server. Before setting it up I did some research into what RAID is and how it works.

FreeBSD usergroups

Murray Stockely has updated the usergroup listing on the FreeBSD website to better organize the groups by country/continent.


How to make multiple updates using a single query in MySQL

Nice tutorial.

Google Adsense Successful Tips

Google AdSense allows Web site publishers/blogger to display contextually relevant advertisements on their website/blog. If a Web visitor “clicks” on an advertisement, the Web publisher/blogger will earn a percentage of the advertising revenue generated as a result of the click. Many webmasters have built content Web sites around the Google AdSense model. In many cases the specific intent of the webmaster is to profit from Google AdSense. Other webmasters use Google AdSense to supplement their revenue. Regardless of the webmaster’s intent, the following tips will help webmasters looking to profit from AdSense.

Charts with PHP and Google Charts API

Just yesterday I found out about the Google Charts API and I was impressed by this excellent service but noticed that creating multiple charts got pretty messy, especially if I wanted to edit the data later on.

I figured if I wanted to use this in the future, I’d like an easier way to create charts out of my data - thus the class GoogChart was born.

Easy payments using Paypal IPN

There are several PHP scripts and classes to process PayPal payments using their native IPN (Internet payment notification) feature. Because the whole process is based on the data you need to send via a web form to the PayPal payment processor these script look very similar...

Get Real Money From Blogs

What will you like to choose that on your website/blogs. You can choose here. All this thing/programs make real money for you with your blog/website.

Building a Linux IPv6 DNS Server

A tutorial on building a DNS server node that provides IPv6 name resolution, with examples of some useful IPv6 applications.

Zend Framework Database: step by step tutorial

Zend Framework Database Step By Step Tutorial.

Checking Hard Disk Sanity With Smartmontools

This guide shows how to install and use the smartmontools package on Debian Etch and Ubuntu 7.10. The smartmontools package provides utilities to check hard disks for disk degradation and failure, using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (SMART) built into most modern ATA and SCSI hard disks.

9 PHP Debugging Techniques You Should Be Using

Isn't writing new code great? Wouldn't the world be a better place if all were ever had to do is write software from scratch, not having to worry about methods of classes past? Unfortunately, we all know that this is not the case. In fact, estimates say that we spend around 80% of our programming time maintaining old code. So for this blog post will be trying to tackle that 80%, and I will see what I can do to make it less painful.

Make your CentOS 4 box acting as an Internet Gateway/Router using IP Masquerading

P Masquerade is a form of Network Address Translation or NAT which NAT allows internally connected computers that do not have one or more registered Internet IP addresses to communicate to the Internet via the Linux server's Internet IP address.

The software interface which enables one to configure the kernel for IP masquerading is iptables.

To configure IP Masquerading, you need to have two LAN cards, a PC with CentOS 4 Linux installed.


Scheduled Backups With Rsyncbackup On Debian Etch

This document describes how to set up and configure rsyncbackup on Debian Etch. Rsyncbackup is a Perl script that cooperates with rsync. It's easy to configure and able to create scheduled backups (partial and incremental backups).

Create a mirror of a website with Wget

One of the more advanced features in wget is the mirror feature. This allows you to create a complete local copy of a website, including any stylesheets, supporting images and other support files. All the (internal) links will be followed and downloaded as well (and their resources), until you have a complete copy of the site on your local machine.


BSD Magazine #1 published

BSD Magazine issue #1 is out. Really good to see that the first BSD Magazine has come out and is being distributed.

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50 Essential Photoshop Text Tutorials

Last month I published a collection of 45 Photoshop Tutorials for Better Navigation, which quickly became one of the most popular posts on this blog. Due to the response, I spent some time finding more great Photoshop tutorials. Here are 50 of the best tutorials for working with text.

martes, 22 de abril de 2008

FreeBSD clustering

Cluster computing is often associated with Linux, but this is equally possible to set up with FreeBSD, which, in fact, can be used for a lot of specific purposes.


The 3 Best Open Source Rss Reader

If you are a Rss reader user, probably these 3 open source applications may be useful for you.

Installing GRUB on FreeBSD


How to ban an ip address from every port on linux

All webmasters have trolls and people that try to hurt them in some way. So, here is an oldie but a goodie! How to ban an ip address from ever port on your linux server! You need IPTABLES installed...

Congratulations to our Summer of Code Students

Google announced today that they are funding 21 Summer of Code students to work on FreeBSD. We had over 100 very competitive applications and so it was difficult to narrow it down to these 21 students. Each student will be paid by Google to spend the summer working on a specified FreeBSD project with an assigned senior developer to mentor them. More information about this program is available from http://code.google.com/soc.


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15 Great Places To Go To Learn PHP Right Now

Many very popular applications run on PHP today. In fact, you can find PHP based sites all over the world. From blogging platforms like WordPress to web applications like TinyUrl - PHP is the power behind many of today’s most popular apps. Learning PHP isn’t difficult. In fact, having access to the Internet makes learning PHP easier than you’ve probably ever imagined. Here are some resources to help you not only learn PHP, but also reference PHP information should you ever need it. This list isn’t exhaustive, however, it should provide you with a lot of help when you need your PHP fix.

Running A MyDNS Name Server On OpenBSD

This tutorial shows how to run a MyDNS name server on an OpenBSD server. It covers the installation of MySQL, PHP, MyDNS, and MyDNSConfig, the web frontend for the MyDNS name server.

MySQL Backups Using ZRM For MySQL 2.0

Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL simplifies life of a database administrator who needs an easy to use yet flexible and robust backup and recovery solution for MySQL server. Significant features are:

  • Schedule full and incremental logical or raw backups of your MySQL database
  • Centralized backup management
  • Perform backup that is the best match for your storage engine and your MySQL configuration
  • Get e-mail notification about status of your backups
  • Monitor and obtain reports about your backups (including RSS feeds)
  • Verify your backup images
  • Compress and encrypt your backup images
  • Implement Site or Application specific backup policies
  • Recover database easily to any point in time or to any particular database event
  • Custom plugins to tailor MySQL backups to your environment
  • MySQL backup using Linux LVM and Solaris ZFS snapshots


PHP and Google


Topic: OpenSSH X11-forwarding privilege escalation

Category: contrib
Module: openssh
Announced: 2008-04-17
Credits: Timo Juhani Lindfors
Affects: All supported versions of FreeBSD
Corrected: 2008-04-16 23:58:33 UTC (RELENG_7, 7.0-STABLE)
2008-04-16 23:58:52 UTC (RELENG_7_0, 7.1-RELEASE-p1)
2008-04-16 23:59:35 UTC (RELENG_6, 6.3-STABLE)
2008-04-16 23:59:48 UTC (RELENG_6_3, 6.3-RELEASE-p2)
2008-04-17 00:00:04 UTC (RELENG_6_2, 6.2-RELEASE-p12)
2008-04-17 00:00:28 UTC (RELENG_6_1, 6.1-RELEASE-p24)
2008-04-17 00:00:41 UTC (RELENG_5, 5.5-STABLE)
2008-04-17 00:00:54 UTC (RELENG_5_5, 5.5-RELEASE-p20)
CVE Name: CVE-2008-1483

For general information regarding FreeBSD Security Advisories, including descriptions of the fields above, security branches, and the following sections, please visit .



Topic: Problems with fork(2) within threaded programs

Category: core
Module: libpthread
Announced: 2008-04-17
Credits: Julian Elischer, Dan Eischen
Affects: FreeBSD 6.3
Corrected: 2008-02-04 20:05:20 UTC (RELENG_6, 6.3-STABLE)
2008-04-16 23:59:48 UTC (RELENG_6_3, 6.3-RELEASE-p2)

For general information regarding FreeBSD Errata Notices and Security Advisories, including descriptions of the fields above, security branches, and the following sections, please visit .


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Tunneling with FreeBSD

When talking about tunneling, different definitions come to people's minds. Basically, tunneling is transmitting data that is encapsulated into a pipe, over a public network (for example, the Internet). However, there are different methods to tunnel data over a public network for different approaches. For example, when security is a concern, tunnel protocols with cryptography are more favorable. But when performance has higher priority, protocols with lower packet overheads will be chosen. FreeBSD 7 has a built-in support for a number of important tunneling protocols, although there are also many third-party applications in FreeBSD packages that support more tunneling protocols.

This article by Babak Farrokhi, introduces the manipulation of tunnel interfaces in the FreeBSD 7 operating system. Let's have a look into the following:


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Linux Users

Switching to Linux can be very daunting, most seasoned Linux users experienced that first hand. After all, at some point they were also “noobs”. However, the Linux community has excelled in making the switch for beginners as easy as possible by providing guides, howtos, tweaks, and general advocacy articles. When I first made the switch 3 years ago, I found the community welcoming me with open hands on forums, IRC channels, and E-mail, I was surprised how helpful these penguins were!

For this, I feel obliged to give back to the community that has always been there for me. To pass down the torch to newer Linux generations. Over here I compiled a list of 7 habits that I wish someone told me when I started out. I believe that getting into these habits will make the Linux experience more secure, convenient, educational, and ultimately more enjoyable.

Kernel 2.6.25 Released!

"'It's been long promised, but there it is now,' began Linux creator Linus Torvalds, announcing the 2.6.25 Linux kernel.

WPA/WPA2 Support in OpenBSD

Damien Bergamini (damien@) just committed WPA-support for OpenBSD. In the commit message, Damien states that "bwi(4), malo(4), ral(4), iwn(4), wpi(4), ural(4), rum(4), upgt(4), and zyd(4) should work." And, Damien says "support for more chipsets should arrive soon."


Building a server with FreeBSD 7

This modular guide to building a FreeBSD server is has been written to make it easy for (new) users to choose the packages that they need, with step-by-step directions for installation and configuration.


martes, 15 de abril de 2008

How to create a sitemap

A sitemap of a website is similar to the table of contents of a book. Sitemaps are important because it guides web surfers to the particular part of the website they have a point of interest in. With it they would save time following links and get right to the point instead.

Sitemaps are also where search engines look at if somebody is looking for a particular keyword or phrase. If you have a site map, you can most likely be searched.

Creating a sitemap, now with software technology surging in, is relatively easier than before. You need not be a programming guru to be one. All need is a notepad, a program editor, and some patience.

Run Windows and Linux without virtualization

Linux does everything that many users want it to, but some people have tasks that require Windows applications. You can dual-boot both operating systems, or run Windows in a virtualized environment on Linux. Alas, virtualization makes the guest OS almost useless for processor- and RAM-intensive tasks like editing videos and playing games. Now, a Ubuntu-based distro called andLinux takes cooperation with Windows to a whole new level.

lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

File Synchronization with Unison

Keeping the files on multiple machines synchronized seems to be a recurring problem for many computer users. Until I discovered Unison (http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/) I never really had a completely satisfactory solution.

PhP Security for Beginners

Everyday I am asked to fix php code that my customers had developed by someone else. In most cases it is from Indian or Pakistani coders, I guess their schools train them to pump out code as fast as possible, ignoring security. I don’t know. But, here I will teach you some basic ways to protect your scripts.

Cheat Sheet Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, LaTeX, etc...

Whether you’ve forgotten the name of a function or the property of a cascading style sheet - handy cheat sheets deliver the information you are looking for - immediately. Most cheat sheets are available as .pdf or .png-files, so you can print them and use them every day for whatever projects you’re currently working on. We present an extensive overview of useful cheat sheets we’ve found in the Web.

Inline edit using jQuery and MarkItUp!

Tutorial which teach you how to create inline editor using jQuery, MarkItUp! and Jeditable.

First Looks at The Gimp 2.5

"The GIMP team announced today the first release from the 2.5 development series. It is true that this version is unstable, but a little bird told me to give it a try and see what's it capable of."

Everything about Firebug - 21 Great Resources

"What is Firebug?" you may ask. Firebug is an excellent Firefox browser extension that is great for troubleshooting, editing, monitoring, and debugging. It is free and open source. It is one of my favorite web development tools.


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PHP 6 now with .net: Visual Studio integration available already

"This was partly an April Fool’s joke, as many PHP scripters would be incredulous at the mere idea of PHP integration with Microsoft products. However, as you might have noticed, much of this post is very much real - besides the compulsory .net with PHP 6, of course. The Phalanger project has made done some fantastic work on compiling PHP with .net/Mono, and is definitely worth a look."


PHP Design Patterns Reference and Examples


Text Effect Tutorials Every Designer Should See

Text and the way it looks is a major part of any design. A great design can be cheapened if the text on the page looks wrong. Any logo is almost entirely text. From water to fire, these 51 tutorials will show you how to create any style of text you want.

Username availability checking in ajax and php using jquery’s fading effect

In this post, I’ll show you how to make a fancy username availability checking in ajax and php using jquery.When, you check the the username avaiability a fancy message box will show you the message with a little bit of animation.

VPN Networking

Creating your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) is quite easy on platforms that come with a tun driver: this will allow you to process network packet traffic in user space. While that's considerably easier than doing your network programming in the kernel space, there still are a few details to figure out. This article should walk you through my findings.

Put your Life On a USB Stick

Last time, I wrote about Live CDs and how you can make your own custom one. Live CDs are great, but let’s face it, sometimes even a CD is just too big to carry around. You male geeks probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but the other ladies can testify that the pockets on our clothes are just too small to carry around anything bigger than a small cell phone. CDs also have the magic ability to go from pristine to horribly scratched about 5 minutes before you need them and, since they’re CDs, don’t save changes.

Every bootup is like a clean install. This can be great if you have a tendency to break your configs. It’s actually a great way to poke at your system and break things without any repercussions. However, being able to persist changes could be nice, right? Aibek wrote about a few Windows-based solutions to this last week. Linux users can make a persistent live USB stick to solve these problems.

Sign & Encrypt your Emails with Thunderbird/Enigmail

This tutorial will already assume you have thunderbird installed, be it your distro’s package or the Mozilla Builds. We will also assume you have installed the Enigmail extension, luckily for me openSuse provides this with their default Thunderbird install from their repo’s.

Detect intruders on your network with Snort

Snort is a Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS), which can view and analyze packets on a network to determine whether or not a system is being attacked by remote.


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Zend Framework Tutorials

here are a bunch of tutorials.

OpenSSH Speed Tips and Tricks

Although using public key authentication instead of passwords is a great method for increasing the security of SSH transfers, transferring SSH identity keys can be a royal pain. First, you create your key pairs; then, you copy the public key into the correct locations on all the machines you want to log into. The keys must be in a particular format, and you must go into the correct directory with the correct permissions.

Fortunately, ssh-copy-id, a slick utility included with OpenSSH, makes it easy.

10 things to consider when choosing a Linux distribution

I can’t begin to tell you how many people over the years I have consulted with about choosing a Linux distribution. And even with my own personal loyalties to one distribution or another, it always amazes me how certain distributions are better suited to various users and needs. So when I set out to write a 10 Things article, it only made sense that my first one be related to choosing a Linux distribution.

Of course, times and opinions change. For nearly 10 years I road the Red Hat/Fedora wagon. And then, after considerable thought, I jumped over to Ubuntu. Why? Because it fit my evolving needs. Many will argue that one Linux distribution is just like another — and I agree, on fundamentals. But when it comes down to everyday use, each distribution is different from the next. So why would you want to use Debian vs. Fedora or Ubuntu vs. Mandriva? Let’s dive into this and find out.

Fading Menu - Replacing Content

The more I learn about jQuery, the more natural it feels. Probably because of how closely tied to CSS it is. From a design perspective, the syntax for jQuery is:

“When I do this, make the CSS do this.”

So now instead of thinking about CSS as page layout and a way to style your page when it loads, you can use in animation and change it on-the-fly to react to events that happen on your page. Take for example a menu. You can take the “click” event that happens when clicking on a menu to do lots of stuff...

The Truth About PHP Variables

I wanted to write this post to clear up what seems to be a common misunderstanding in PHP - that using references when passing around large variables is a good way save memory. To fully explain this I will need to explain how PHP handles variables internally. I hope that you will find this interesting and useful and that it helps dispel some myths around references and memory management in PHP.

5 Web Design Tips You Can't Live Without

The web design world is filled with excitement and experience, creativity and skill. Often, experienced web designers utilize a set of solid, proven techniques that others may not notice. Let's take a look at a few of these techniques and how you can implement them into your own site quickly and easily.

Improved Ajax Add, Edit & Delete From MySQL Tables

"Someone asked me in a comment how you would add another entry field to the previous version of this code & well I couldn’t really answer the question. It proved to me what I already knew, the code needed re-writing."


OpenSSH 5.0 released

OpenSSH 5.0 has just been released. It will be available from the mirrors listed at www.openssh.com shortly.


Google App Engine needs PHP support

Google App Engine was launched but it does not support PHP. This article presents some ideas that can help Google adding PHP support sooner rather than later.

Secure Data Destruction

It seems that almost every Linux blog I read today had something about recovering deleted files from ext3 filesystems. That’s all well and good, but what if you are sure you want the data deleted? What if it needs to be more than just deleted, it needs to be securely destroyed? Well the concept certainly isn’t new, and as such, this won’t be the first time it’s covered on a Linux blog, but I’ll show you a few different ways to securely delete whatever incriminating information may be tucked away in your computer.


Tools to access Linux Partitions from Windows

If you dual boot with Windows and Linux, and have data spread across different partitions on Linux and Windows, you should be really in for some issues.

It happens sometimes you need to access your files on Linux partitions from Windows, and you realize it isn’t possible easily. Not really, with these tools in hand - it’s very easy for you to access files on your Linux partitions from Windows...

jueves, 10 de abril de 2008

Installing the Eclipse PHP IDE

If you've been looking for a decent PHP editor and don't want to hassle of leaving your favourite IDE, you don't have to look any further than PHPEclipse. This article outlines how to install the plugin to your existing Eclipse environment.

Review: PC-BSD 1.5

PC-BSD, a strong contender for the top desktop distribution out there, has once again grown, going from version 1.3 to 1.5 in just under a year. In that time it's grown, prospered, and had it's fair share of growing pains as well. But version 1.5 is only one subversion up from the previous version 1.4 that we reviewed. So what makes version 1.5 better than its predecessors and worth a look from us? Well, let's have a look.

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How To Disable a User Account in Linux

Linux systems use /etc/shadow to store the encrypted user passwords. The quickest way to disable a user is to alter is password stored in /etc/shadow.


From FreeBSD to PC-BSD

I did an install of FreeBSD 7 on the $0 Laptop (Gateway Solo 1450) a couple of weeks ago for a number of reasons.

First, I wanted to see how the new FreeBSD would run. It's supposed to be light years faster than the previous releases, at least in server situations, and I'm very much interested in how it performs on the desktop as well...

Setting Up Disk Quotas

Setting up disk quotas for users and groups is very important - critically necessary, in fact, if you don't want to run out of room on the server you are maintaining. They are commonly used for machines run as Web servers with ftp access, to prevent any one client from uploading beyond the amount of space that they have purchased in their contract. Disk quotas can also be used on Samba servers for users' home directories and NFS filesystems. Your Linux server can easily be configured to keep your users within specified limits and to keep them from filling up the partition. Some people will surf the Internet and download videos and mp3s carelessly during their lunch breaks, running other users out of space for their work files. To prevent this kind of activity, we set up user and group quotas to keep the users within boundaries.


How to make a dynamic RSS feed in PHP

"It's useful because people can easily subscribe to these feeds and receive updated content of their liking when and where they like, from various sources in an organized manner."


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More Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives.

Turn Your PC into a DVD Ripping Monster (Linux Version)

Lifehacker gave a nice tutorial on how to do DVD ripping under windows, with the help of a combination of shareware and free tools. It’s only fair to show that under Linux, this can done just as easily.

Best new features in OpenBSD 4.3

In May 2008, OpenBSD 4.3 will be released. Check the new features of OpenBSD 4.3 for a full list. These are the features that I like best:

  • New tools: snmpd(8), implementing the Simple Network Management Protocol.
  • New functionality: The periodic security(8) reports now include package changes.

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viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

How To Create Form Posts with Ajax

Now that Ajax is becoming a standard for handling interactions on the Web it's time to use it to update form submissions. In this article you'll learn how to create a reusable Ajax process which can be used with all forms.

jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

Top 10 Javascript Frameworks

Javascript libraries have become fundamental to good web design, almost all ste nowadays have some element of javascript or Ajax present. It is probably the main element in developing the Web 2.0 movement.

There are many Frameworks, which do you prefer?

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

Visitor’s language detection in php

Is your site translated into more than one language? In case it is, you will find this topic really interesting, since it will allow you to automatically adapt your site’s language to the user’s.

In case your site is not translated, you can always use this to know the visitor’s language… I’m sure you’ll be able to find a good use for that information.


martes, 1 de abril de 2008

Easy payments using Paypal IPN

There are several PHP scripts and classes to process PayPal payments using their native IPN (Internet payment notification) feature. Because the whole process is based on the data you need to send via a web form to the PayPal payment processor these script look very similar.


kernel.org machines from Fedora to FreeBSD 7.0

After much deliberation, research and argument in #korg (along with screaming matches between HPA and I over dinner) we are upgrading the kernel.org machines from Fedora Core 5 to FreeBSD 7.0.


Top 10 tips to get better PHP jobs

This article presents top tips that may help you getting better PHP jobs.

Expand-collapse toggle pane using jquery

In this post, I’ll show you how easy it is to show expandable and collapsible toggle panel using jQuery. When you click on the heading, the content gets displayed by sliding and when you again click on the heading again, it gets collapsed.

10 things IT needs to know about Ajax

The introduction of any new Web technology will affect a network's infrastructure in ways that range from inconsequential to earth shattering. Ajax is one of the more disruptive new Web technologies traveling across networks today. To help you minimize future surprises on your network, we've outlined the 10 things you should take to heart about Ajax.

Multithreading in PHP with CURL

Most PHP developers have heard of the CURL extension for PHP or even used it. However it is mostly used in a basic form: to retrieve content from other websites or (RESTful) webservices. Ofcourse PHP itself offers several functions (like fopen or fsockopen) for getting this content, but they are all very basic. It is easy to run into limitations, for example you might want to define the request method or set another user agent (if you're building a webspider). This is where the curl extension kicks in. It is a separate library that has to be compiled with PHP in order to use it. The Curl extension has many functions and options which offer the developer more flexibility than the standard PHP functions.


Wireshark 1.0 Released

After almost 10 years of work, Wireshark 1.0 has been released.

Reading and Writing Spreadsheets with PHP

In this article, I'll introduce you to two packages that make it surprisingly easy to hook your PHP scripts up to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and extract the data contained therein. I'll also show you how to dynamically create a new spreadsheet from scratch, complete with formulae and formatting, and import data from a spreadsheet into a database. So come on it, and let's get started!

Opera and Safari Pass Acid3 Test

The development teams for Opera and WebKit (which powers Apple’s Safari browser) both announced in the past week that their browser rendering engine had achieved a score of 100/100 in the Acid3 test for JavaScript and DOM standards compliance run by the Web Standards Project.


Change Your PHP Pages to ASP

I don't know a lot of PHP developers that think very much of ASP. This, of course, sets the stage for a great April fools trick: we're going to change all of the links on our website from ".php" to ".asp" and see how many coworkers we can confuse the hell out of. Granted, most developers with a just few years of experience would figure out the method within a few minutes, but you can probably get the noob with this one.


FreeBSD 5.5, 6.1, and 6.2 EoLs coming soon

On May 31st, FreeBSD 5.5, FreeBSD 6.1, and FreeBSD 6.2 will have reached their End of Life and will no longer be supported by the FreeBSD Security Team. Since FreeBSD 5.5 is the last remaining supported release from the FreeBSD 5.x stable branch, support for the FreeBSD 5.x stable branch will also cease at the same point. Users of any of these FreeBSD releases are strongly encouraged to upgrade to either FreeBSD 6.3 or FreeBSD 7.0 before that date.