domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

FreeBSD 6.4-RC1 available

"As the next step in the release of FreeBSD 6.4 the FreeBSD 6.4-RC1 builds are now available for testing. This is the first of an expected two Release Candidates. We encourage you to test out the Release Candidates, reporting any problems by submitting PRs or via email to the freebsd-stable list.

The ISO images and FTP install trees are available on the FreeBSD Mirror sites. Using the primary site as an example:${arch}/ISO-IMAGES/6.4/

where ${arch} is one of alpha, amd64, i386, pc98, or sparc64. Checksums for the ISO images are at the bottom of this messate. The amd64 and i386 sets include a *preliminary* set of packages, not what is expected to be included with the release itself. Notably missing is KDE due to some confusion on my part about exactly what to include. The package sets included with 6.4-RC2 will be closer to what will be included with the release."


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