martes, 1 de julio de 2008

Manipulate Excel Spreadsheets with PHP on Linux

Have you ever faced a situation when you need to manipulate Excel spreadsheets with PHP on the server that is running Linux? If you had a Windows Server you could use PHP COM extensions. However they are unavailable on Linux.

Hopefully, there is a solution. It is called Open XML. It’s a new format of Microsoft Office documents introduced in Microsoft Office 2007. Basically, an Open XML file is a ZIP archive that contains XML files that represent the document mark-up. You can view it yourself or read some documentation, my article isn’t about Open XML, but about the PHP library for working with Excel 2007 files. It also supports Excel 97 format by incorporating a PEAR library.

The library is called PHPExcel. It allows you to read/write Excel spreadsheets, save them in many formats including PDF and HTML. It supports formulas,styles and etc.

It requires:

  • PHP 5.2+
  • GD extension
  • XML extension
  • ZIP extension

I have these two simple examples that show you how to create an Excel spreadsheet and save it in several formats and how to read a spreadsheet and display it on the HTML page.

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