viernes, 13 de junio de 2008

How To Set Up A Load Balanced MySQL 5 Cluster With Two Server Machines

This document is a how to for installing mysql 5 cluster with only two server machines. Our cluster combines two data nodes:two management nodes and two mysql nodes.
Every machine has 1 data node,1 management node, and 1 mysql server.

To avoid network problems between our internet connection, switches,etc, we networked the two machines with dual switch connection and one crossover cable between them.
The mysql cluster will communicate using the crossover cable, just to be sure that there will be no network problems (except from the crossover cable link).

To communicate with the mysql we will use a shared ip, which will be available with linux ha , so the mysql clients will connect to that ip. and have 99.999999% uptime.

This is an expirimental guide, that i used on my own, and didn't find any workaround like this on the web. So, before use it, test it for yourself and if it works good for you then use it.

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