jueves, 22 de mayo de 2008

OpenBSD: New Hardware Platform

Folks following source-changes@ may have noticed already: OpenBSD gained support for a new hardware platform. A little over two weeks ago I got myself a Thecus N1200. This is a little single-dist NAS box, that sets itself apart from most other devices in the market in that it has lots of extension possibilities. It has 128MB of RAM, a gigabit Ethernet port, an integrated 4-port fast Ethernet switch, two USB ports, an e-SATA port and a mini-PCI slot. My board already had a header for the serial port, so it's not necessary to solder one on yourself. Unlike the Thecus N2100 (which is ARM-based and supported by OpenBSD/armish), this little box is built around the Freescale MPC8347 System-on-Chip [SoC] platform, and has an e300 PowerPC core. So after a few days of hacking, OpenBSD/socppc was born.

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