miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2007

BSD Certification Exam Beta

Who can participate in the beta?

The intended audience of the BSDA exam is junior level administrators of BSD systems. If you are a working sysadmin with some experience on BSD systems, an instructor who teaches system administration and/or BSD systems, or someone with at least 6 months experience in using BSD systems, you can assist the BSD Certification Group by participating in the beta. We suggest that you skim through the BSDA Exam Objectives to familiarize yourself with the type of material being tested. The objectives are available for download from BSD Cert Site

What will the beta exam be like?

* The beta exam is available in English only.
* The beta exam will contain 120 - 150 multiple choice questions.
* The beta exam will be paper based. This means that the questions are in a question booklet. Exam takers will need to shade in the appropriate answer box on a separate answer sheet.
* A three hour time slot will be available for the beta; it is expected that 60 to 90 minutes will be sufficient time for most beta testers to complete the exam.


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