domingo, 15 de julio de 2007

coLinux - Cooperative Linux Short Review

Since I discovered Linux I also started to have this dilemma which OS, Linux or Windows I should use to do everyday works. On Windows I had a lot of important apps that I couldn’t find linux counterparts to – starting from Outlook for PocketPC synchronization, through Visual Studio for programming needs, to some games. On Linux, from the other hand, I have had excellent audio player Amarok, great scripting support (Python, Ruby) and easy server setup for web testing needs.

The problem is, for me, and many other developers, administrators or just normal users, that if you want to use applications from different OS, you have to reboot and boot into the other OS. Sometimes, when you, for example, just want to do a quick test of newly compiled application, and go back to work, it is very inconvenient and time consuming.

Standard ways of dealing with these problems is either creating virtual machine for Linux, setting two PC, one with windows, second with Linux, or using Cygwin/SFU (Services for Unix). But there is also other way, which allows you to run Linux on Windows natively - coLinux.

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